Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bee Lapbooks

This lapbook is from Hands of a Child, the notebook pages are mine, and the girls added flowers and clip art bees.  They also made a few of the bees 3-d.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mollusk Lapbook / Notebook Finished (added pictures)

The girls finished the Mollusk lapbook booklets today.  This one wasn't put together as nicely.  They wanted to be done. :)

We found a turtle in our yard on Saturday so that is now the big discussion / observation going on around here.  The next lapbook will be, you guessed it, freshwater turtles. ~lol~

We have a few more booklets left for one of the knights lapbooks.  This one was done with the Magic Tree House Research Book 'Knights and Castles'.  We will continue with knights and jousting and will put the whole thing together when that is finished.

I will post pics. of the Mollusk l.b. later.  (Now added)


P.S.  I will also post pictures of the snake lapbook they put together at the end of the last school year.
Katie's Vocab. Words
 Ana's Vocab. Words
 Ana's lapbook

 Katie's lapbook

Monday, October 1, 2012

Working hard

I just wanted to post that the girls have been working hard on their Knights lapbook and Mollusks.  The Mollusk booklets will be done tomorrow and then we will decorate our pages.  The knights will be a while because we are using 2 lapbooks.    
Ana's king and queen banquet.
The dog is under the table and the birds are flying out of the pie. :)

Katie's armor
 Yes, I see the spelling mistake. :)

Ana found this slug last week in the backyard.  It is very tiny.  The back looks and feels very hard (as Ana says).  It is definitely not a shell for a snail.   We were so excited that we found this while we are studying mollusks.  

They are doing very well with copying the answers from the chalkboard.  Well, sometimes Ana throws a fit but that is just being stubborn on her part. ~lol~   She does not always write everything Katie does because that would be too much for her.  I am fair. ~smile~


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Animal Classification Lapbook / Notebook

This is the Animal Classification Lapbook from www.homeschoolshare.com
Ana's are the top 3 sets of pictures and Katie's are the bottom 3 sets.  
We may go back and label each animal.  We want to start the Mollusks Lapbook next.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lapbooks for the 2012-2013 school year

This year Katie and Ana will be creating these lapbooks/notebook style. Well, I will have them all cut out for them (most of them are bagged and ready to go).  ~smile~  This really saves time.  We can get right into our studies and not worry about all that cutting.  The girls get frustrated and bored.  This seems like a lot but they can write up many booklets in a short amount of time.  Ana writes shorter versions. :)  We will also add books to these.

From www.ajourneythroughlearning.com :
Summer Olympics
Favorite Insect
Great Inventors
Death and Ressurrection of a King (Never got this started last school year)

From www.homeschoolshare.com :
Animal Classification
Birds of Prey
What are Mollusks
Freshwater Turtles added

Ancient Rome
Knights and Castles

From www.handsofachild.com :
Get Ready to Garden

From www.yeeshallknow.com :
Magic School Bus lapbooks:
The girls were not interested last year.  I will try again.

From www.practicalpageswordpress.com
The Book of James...  This will make an excellent study.


P.S.  If you are looking for notebooking pages I have some on www.hslaunch.com.  The link is on my left sidebar.  :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Egypt Queens and Pharoah's Lapbook booklets

Here is the link: (pics on my main blog)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another page to the Story of the World 1 Timeline, Notebook

This is a notebooking page using lapbook booklets
These next two pages are part of the timeline

These two pages are a sample from History Pockets: Egypt. We used this "craft" for notebooking instead of stapling as a single book.
click here for the beginning of the timeline:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Story of the World 1 Timeline with Egermeier's Bible

These 2 pictures are the first notebooking pages for Story of the World 1. We are also adding the lapbooking booklets to the pages instead of doing a "lapbook".
Katie's page

Ana's page: She traces over what I write.

These are there timelines. The girls went crazy when they saw the "cutouts". I had to stop them from gluing everything on. They wouldn't have had any left. :)

These timeline pictures/booklets are from www.heartofwisdom.com
All our curriculum is listed on my main blog: http://trueblessingshomeschool.blogspot.com on the left sidebar. We are using many different free sources.
A few more pics of the timeline:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Story of the World Timeline

These are pictures from some of Tom's timeline made quite a few years ago. We had lots of fun with this.

Below: Lots wife has salt on her covered with laminating paper.
Katie and Ana will be doing SOTW 1 this coming year. I will be using different figures and such this time.